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Ancient Mystical Symbols

The Green Man
The Sun and the Moon

Ancient Cultures

The Celts

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Welcome to Ancient Spiral, the Virtual Museum dedicated to the mystical and magical forces of Nature which have governed the Earth since the dawn of time, and still continue to influence our lives in the present day.

The sections within Ancient Spiral can all be viewed through the Spiral Path tour.  Simply click on the Spiral Path buttons at the bottom of the page to take the tour.  You can also visit the specific sections by clicking on the links on the left of this page.

As you explore Ancient Spiral, you may wish to visit our Online Giftshop, where you can buy Mystical, Magical and Medieval items such as jewellery, incense and replicas of historical items.  The shop can be visited at any time, at

Like a spiral itself, the Ancient Spiral website is never-ending.   Please check regularly for exciting new articles, features and updates.

Let us now take you on a journey through time and space itself........

Let us take you on the Spiral Path.........

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